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Ecological paper pharmacy bags

Looking for a sturdy, versatile bag to store your products safely and discreetly? We have a resource for that! These ecological paper bags are specially designed for pharmacists. The beautiful, green design offers a natural look.

Food fiësta

Foodtruck Fiesta! The new summer season is upon us, keep those events, communions, weddings & parties coming! But have you thought about your packaging yet? Don't worry, we've selected 4 fun looks for you.

A message that sticks

Make your message stick with our printed tape! Our tape makes the perfect canvas for your logo and/or slogan. It is not just an adhesive tape, it is a marketing tool and a business card. Our wide range of tape is not only of the highest quality but also eco-friendly and sustainable at the same time.

Did you know...

... on our webshop all Fost Plus surcharges are already included in the prices? So you immediately know the correct prices!

Way among our sealing devices

Our top sealing machines offer an efficient and professional total solution for perfect sealing and tasty presentation of all your meals. These tabletop sealers are often used in supermarkets, butchers and delicatessens preparing ready-made meals, fresh and prepared meats, fish and vegetables.

Sustainable assets

Biopack is committed to making the packaging world even more sustainable and environmentally conscious. And we keep this promise!  More and more efforts are being made to use recycled materials in packaging. As a result, we are doing our bit for the circular economy and reducing CO2 emissions.

(Eco)logical, right?

Soup is always a good idea

During chilly autumn days or cold winter, we could use a warm-up. No dish is as versatile as soup. As an exquisite starter, tasty lunch or just in between as a tasty snack.

Soups come in dozens of different scents and colours that look best in our timeless white cups or a kraft cup. You can perfectly personalise the cups with a sticker featuring your brand or logo.

Ecological filling material

Padding material fills all empty spaces in your packaging and boxes. This way, your goods will always stay nicely in place during transport and shipment. This prevents damage and protects against shocks. With our ecological filling material, you also choose a safe and green solution.

Right the way with our bags

Don't get bagged but opt for a perfect combination of quality, style and comfort.
Our trendy and convenient take-away bags feature a wide bottom, making them ideal for safely transporting take-away meals and everything that comes with them.

R-PET, a remake at least as good as the original

Step into our green world and discover our amazing R-PET packaging! Made from recycled PET material, they retain the qualities you know and love about PET. Think clarity, sturdiness and freezer resistance. But it doesn't stop there!

Our R-PET packaging is also water-resistant and resistant to oils, fats and alcohols. And guess what? They are 100% recyclable!  Instead of completely eliminating plastic, R-PET allows us to reuse an already existing material over and over again.

Refrigerated shipping

The warm spring and hot summer days are coming again and this does not leave us cold! There are also more and more heatwaves and temperatures are swinging fast during transport. So prepare yourself optimally, because your meat does not need to be cooked before it ends up on the barbecue.

Don't get stuck with fried meat and make sure it is shipped cool rather than charred.

The world's most eco-friendly straws!

Discover the beauty of our new bamboo straws: stylish, eco-friendly and trendy. These biodegradable and compostable alternatives to plastic straws are perfect for a greener lifestyle.

Enjoy your favourite drinks responsibly with these sturdy and reusable straws. Make a statement and enter the elegant and ecological world of bamboo straws - a small step with a big impact.

How to make your fish store greener? Eco-friendly packaging!

A fish store needs a lot of packaging. How can you reduce the environmental impact of this?
Choose eco-friendly packaging! In this article we will help you to replace your packaging
with suitable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Are you still using EPS crates and gelpacks to deliver orders chilled? These can cause a lot of waste. Try to use reusable cooler bags and cooling elements. You can do this by giving them to regular customers, asking for a deposit or selling them. You can also print the cooler bags with your logo to create visibility in the streets!

How do you make your restaurant eco-friendly?

The restaurant sector has a large environmental footprint. From greenhouse gases released from animal husbandry and the water consumed in the food supply chain, to the waste and potential waste. What impact does your restaurant have on the environment? Learn how to make your restaurant eco-friendly in this article below.

How do I submit a print-ready file?

You know the drill. You've designed a beautiful logo that you're dying to have printed on all your packaging. After all, there's no such thing as better marketing! But then suddenly you are asked to supply a vectorized file. You fall completely out of the blue (it truly sounds like some scary disease) and you just send over all the files you have in the hope that there is a vector file among them. Vectorized does not have to be a synonym for traumatized! We just summarize it clearly for you.

Looking for something specific?
We offer customized products

Sustainable shipping: this is how you do it!

Shipping more sustainably is not necessarily more difficult or more expensive. It's often just a matter of switching gears. As an e-commerce company, would you like to ship sustainably? Then let us list the options for you.

Shipping can have a large ecological footprint. Especially transportation and packaging materials play a big role here. Would you like to ship more sustainably? Then try to reduce your carbon emissions and packaging materials!

Karen has been a packaging coach at Biopack for over 5 years and knows the extensive range like no other. Are you looking for a creative and unique packaging with which to wrap not only your products, but also your customers? Karen would love to help you get started with a big smile. Karen's specializations are reusable bags, gift packaging and personalizations.