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Solid Stash opts for sustainable packaging 

Solid Stash are super tasty frozen meals: lovingly prepared by real people in our own Brussels workshop and delivered directly to your home. Moreover, all their meals are completely plant-based, so when you choose a Solid Stash meal, the planet does a little dance of joy!

All our meals are carefully pre-cooked, frozen and ready to enjoy right away. All you have to do is simply heat them up in the microwave, saucepan or oven. We deliver our meals frozen directly to your home, wherever you are in Belgium. With dishes that stay fresh for months in your freezer, you always have delicious meals on hand whenever you want them. Moreover, we use sustainable packaging, thus contributing to a greener future.

With packaging coach Karen, we have a permanent point of contact, a top lady with deep knowledge of the Biopack range who we can always turn to for info & advice on our packaging. Solid Stash has been getting its packaging from Biopack for several years now. Mainly the FOODC0001, in which our meals can be packed super-compact. The boxes are easy to fill, are freezer-proof & biodegradable. The perfect match for Solid Stash!

De Kastart goes for sustainable

De Kastart is a catering establishment in Ghent known for its spaghetti Kastart. Every day our sauce is freshly prepared in our own kitchens. And in ever-increasing quantities. We are a bit proud of that!

To further optimise service, in 2018 we moved our take-away from the restaurant to neighbouring premises. This 'shop' has its own full-fledged kitchen where the daily freshly prepared sauces are sold. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on sustainability. This translates at De Kastart into the use of biodegradable carrier bags, cutlery, straws, ...

De Kastart got to know Biopack during their search for eco-friendly alternatives for carrier bags in their take-away. Meanwhile, they have also chosen biodegradable cutlery, cutlery pochettes, take-away bags, paper carrier bags, etc... from Biopack.

Competitive prices and top service make Biopack an excellent partner. As a result, Biopack deserves 5 stars!

Casper opts for eco-friendly packaging

Casper is a dark kitchen concept that launched its first location in Ghent. We want to profile ourselves as a Quality Label brought to you by friendly ghost kitchen(s) that create quality dishes specially designed for delivery.

This means our food arrives at your door with the same rich flavour it has in our kitchen.
We strongly believe in a sustainable future, which is why we pay great attention to our people, the planet through packaging and our community by working with local suppliers. As we are a delivery and takeaway concept, unfortunately you can't come and eat with us but we are happy to come to you. You can find more info on our website. 

Casper has been getting its packaging from Biopack for several years, for all dishes. As a company focused on the future, organic packaging is the only option for us. Thanks to Biopack, we can proudly announce that our packaging is 99% eco-friendly!

We give Biopack five stars because I think they provide top service.

Vis & Dis does its bit

At Fish & Dis, a fish shop with gourmet restaurant, everyone can taste and take away all the excellence the sea has to offer. We started our business in 2017, a fish shop combined with a restaurant. When developing the concept, sustainability and the use of ecologically responsible products was a must for us. This was because we did not, and still do not, want to minimise the problem of marine waste and the harmful plastics in it. Avoiding an excess of packaging material is 1, but in addition we were looking for a bio-variants based on paper, pulp or sugar cane, among others.

Our search had started at Biopack. We received a very friendly welcome by phone and a few days later we were received at their premises. This allowed us to visualise everything better to make a good choice to package all our products carefully. We have since grown, as has the sustainable range of packaging materials at Biopack and the expansion with their webshop. This makes ordering enormously easy. Meanwhile, a wide range of different packaging materials is delivered here on a regular basis; from jars, salad bowls and sushi trays to trays and catering boxes for our fruits de mer.

Biopack therefore gets 5 stars from us.

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Magnus, breakfast and lunch boxes

Magnus delivers delicious breakfast and lunch boxes to your home. With these, you can treat yourself or surprise friends and family. The offer also includes a picnic box. With this, you can discover beautiful Plassendale by wagon. It takes a lot of individual packaging to put together a breakfast or lunch box. That made us think. We like to do our bit on an ecological level. The choice of Biopack - a company offering sustainable packaging - was therefore quickly made. 

Moreover, Biopack has a wide range of kraft packaging. We often refer to it because it matches Magnus' logo and corporate identity. The offer in the inspiration centre is contemporary, diverse and a packaging coach is always available to give personal advice. Moreover, you can see and hold the packaging in real life. So you know exactly what you are buying!

Biopack gets 5 stars from us for the appropriate packaging and the fantastic service it gets!

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