Sustainable shipping
This is how you do it!

Sustainable shipping?

Shipping more sustainably is not necessarily more difficult and does not have to be more expensive. It's often just a matter of switching gears. As an e-commerce company, would you like to ship sustainably? Then we list the options for you!

Shipping can have a large ecological footprint. Transport and packaging materials in particular play a big role here. Would you like to ship more sustainably? Then try to reduce CO₂ emissions and packaging material!

CO₂ neutral shipping

Limit emissions. You can't ship without carbon emissions. That's for sure. What you can do, however, is try to limit CO₂ emissions. The more people buy online, the better home delivery becomes for the environment. Less CO₂ is emitted during delivery than if people each have to visit a shop individually.

Always try to choose a low-emission delivery option. If possible, let people know exactly when the parcel will arrive, so that they are at home when it arrives. You can also have them indicate that a parcel can be dropped off at a neighbour's if they are not at home themselves. This way, you reduce emissions!


To compensate for the CO₂ that your shipments emit, you can invest in planting trees. Trees can remove CO₂ from the air. If you offset all CO₂ emissions, you can even call yourself CO₂ neutral! By default, you can offset your CO₂ emissions yourself or you can leave the choice to the customer. Give them the option to pay or not pay extra for CO₂ compensation when shipping.

Customised packaging?
We will gladly help you

Limit packaging materials. Choose the appropriate shipping packaging

Shipping is very often done with too much packaging material. Especially oversized postal boxes create a greater environmental impact. They take up more space during transport and require more padding material.

  • Have boxes in different sizes.
    Always choose shipping boxes that best fit the items you want to ship. The smaller the better!
  • Don't put a box inside a box. The article's box can itself serve as a shipping box.
  • If possible, choose shipping envelopes or shipping bags.

Go for a custom-made box

A tailor-made box ensures that the space inside is optimised, resulting in little "lost" space and no or less padding material. This results in less waste and lower weight, leading to fewer transport emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Are you already familiar with our paper packaging lists?

No more plastic waste with our eco-friendly packing lists: document & packing slip covers made of paper!
Our sustainable packing lists are ideal for use as shipping covers, sleeves for accompanying documents such as invoices or packing slips. The 100% recyclable packing list covers consist of a transparent layer of top paper and a full bottom paper coated with a special adhesive. The sticker used ensures good adhesion to corrugated cardboard boxes and makes them easy to use. In addition, the sticker is also particularly eco-friendly and free of casein. Ideally, these packing lists, together with our paper adhesive tape and the cardboard box used, are completely disposed of with the waste paper.


Use paper tape to add to your post boxes. You can simply recycle these along with the box. You can also get them printed with your logo to increase your visibility!

Loose fill

Choose compostable or recyclable loose fill material. Ecological options are:

  • Wood wool
  • Compostable loose fill chips
  • Sizzle paper
  • Kraft paper

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