The world's most eco-friendly straws!
Made in Europe

Bamboo straws

The straws are completely plastic-free, produced using a revolutionary technique in Europe, and are home compostable. With these straws, you contribute to a better planet in a sustainable way.

A gin-gin situation!

Not always the same straw: thick straws, individually wrapped straws, black straws, and cocktail straws

We offer these sustainable straws in a total of 6 different variations. Natural or black, thick or thin, cocktail straws or even individually wrapped straws. In short, we have a suitable straw for every drink and occasion!

Straws are not only practical and necessary for drinking - have you ever tried a cocktail or milkshake without a straw?! - but they also provide a delightful finishing touch to your product.


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What are the benefits of these straws?
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The main difference compared to paper drinking straws...

Paper drinking straws absorb your drink faster than you can sip it, and they quickly become soggy. They are ideal for those who enjoy a cardboard taste and like to chew on paper. In contrast, our bamboo straws have a beautiful, natural appearance and a luxurious look. They are rigid straws that maintain their sturdiness and, consequently, their dignity.

The benefits of bamboo straws in a nutshell

  1. 100% plastic-free

  2. Affordable alternative to paper straws

  3. Compliance with SUP (Single-Use Plastics) legislation

  4. Biobased material: the rapidly growing bamboo plant

  5. Moisture-resistant: the straw does not become soggy and remains sturdy

  6. Produced in Europe

  7. Home compostable

  8. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages

Frequently Asked Questions about bamboo straws
Question & Answer

The straws are 100% plastic-free, comply with SUP regulations, and are moisture-resistant. They also have a beautiful, natural appearance and a luxurious look.

Our sustainable bamboo straws are an affordable alternative to paper straws, a gin-gin situation!

Of course, the bamboo fiber straws are the best choice. They are considered the most ecological straws in the world!

We all want to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean as single-use plastics often end up there. By purchasing our bamboo fiber straws, you comply with the mandatory SUP regulations.

In this range of bamboo straws, the cocktail straws or individually wrapped straws are the thickest options. The individually wrapped straws have a diameter of 12 mm.

The bamboo plant is one of the fastest-growing crops in the world and can be quickly replenished. Bamboo also filters more CO2 from the air and produces more oxygen than other plants and trees.

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