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Sustainable shipping

Shipping more sustainably is not difficult and need not be more expensive. It just requires a little creativity and willingness to change the way you work. We can help you identify sustainable shipping options and create a tailor-made plan.

A simple way to start is by using sustainable packaging materials. Choose packaging made from recycled materials and avoid materials that are not recyclable, such as Styrofoam. In addition, choose packaging materials that are in the right size and quantity to avoid waste.

A tailor-made box

Are you looking for custom-made boxes that meet your specific dimensions and quality requirements? With us, you have come to the right place. Every product is unique and therefore it is important that the box it is packed in also fits perfectly. Our professional and experienced staff are ready to help you design the perfect box for your product. 
Sustainability is paramount and therefore tailor-made boxes not only meet your specific needs but also spare the environment. A tailor-made box ensures that the space inside is used optimally, resulting in little "lost" space and no or less filling material. This results in less waste and lower weight, leading to fewer transport emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

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To boost your green image, you have to not only say it but also do it! It is important that your brand is consistent and that you do not pretend to be greener than you are. Acting environmentally conscious has many benefits.

How to make your fish shop greener?

Fish shops need a lot of packaging to keep their products fresh and chilled. Unfortunately, this can have a lot of impact on the environment, especially if the packaging is not eco-friendly. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you, as a fish shop, can reduce the impact of your packaging on the environment.

An important step is to choose eco-friendly packaging. This can be compostable or biodegradable packaging, made of paper, cardboard or corn starch, for example. By choosing these materials, you reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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Noticeable packaging

How do you make sure our packaging is worth your brand? Simple! Personalise and raise your profile. Because printed packaging increases your visibility. And you can take this quite literally. People see and recognise your logo on the street and on social media. A nice printed packaging also radiates quality, trust and expertise.

Your customer's first impression is invaluable.  Create the right atmosphere with creative and eye-catching packaging. Add the necessary dose of fun factor and your cool packaging will put a smile on the customer's face.