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To ship smoothly

Refrigerated shipping

The warm spring and hot summer days are coming again and this does not leave us cold! There are also more and more heat waves and temperatures are rapidly swinging out of the pan during transport. So prepare optimally, as your meat does not have to be cooked before it lands on the barbecue.

Don't get left holding the bag and make sure it is shipped cool instead of charred.

Interested in a custom box?

Are you looking for custom-made boxes that meet your specific dimensions and quality requirements? With us, you have come to the right place. Every product is unique and therefore it is important that the box it is packed in also fits perfectly. Our professional and experienced staff is ready to help you design the perfect box for your product.

Shipping sustainably is how you do it!

Shipping more sustainably is not necessarily more difficult or more expensive. It's often just a matter of switching gears. As an e-commerce company, would you like to ship sustainably? Then let us list the options for you.

Shipping can have a large carbon footprint. Especially transportation and packaging materials play a big role here. Would you like to ship more sustainably? Then try to reduce your carbon emissions and packaging materials!

Looking for something specific?
We offer customized products

How do I submit a print-ready file?

You know the drill. You've designed a beautiful logo that you're dying to have printed on all your packaging. After all, there's no such thing as better marketing! But then suddenly you are asked to supply a vectorized file. You fall completely out of the sky (it truly sounds like some scary disease) and you just send over all the files you have in the hope that a vector file is among them. Vectorized does not have to be a synonym for traumatized! We just summarize it clearly for you.

Remarkable packaging

Hoe zorg je ervoor dat onze verpakkingen jouw merk waard zijn? Simpel! Personaliseer en profileer. Want een bedrukte verpakking vergroot je zichtbaarheid. En dit mag je gerust letterlijk nemen. Mensen zien en herkennen je logo in het straatbeeld en op sociale media. Een mooie bedrukte verpakking straalt bovendien kwaliteit, vertrouwen en vakkennis uit.

De eerste indruk van je klant is van onschatbare waarde.  Creëer de juiste sfeer met een creatieve en opvallende verpakking. Voeg de nodige dosis fun factor toe en met jouw toffe verpakking tover je een glimlach op het gezicht van de klant.