Sample request

We can indeed send a sample of most items. We never charge for the samples themselves. However, we do ask a processing and transport cost of € 9.5 for Belgium and € 12.5 for the Netherlands and Luxembourg (excluding VAT). If you place an order with us at a later date, this cost will be fully reimbursed.

We will send a few models free of charge with a maximum of 15 different products. Would you like to receive more different items? Please feel free to contact us!

How do I request samples?
Send us an email with your sample request at stating the article you would like to receive a sample of.

Collecting samples takes some time. Of course we will try to collect them for you as soon as possible. Take into account about 5 working days before you receive the samples.

Or come to our inspiration center where you can see and feel our products. You will also get personal advice from our packaging coach and we have delicious coffee!