R-PET, a remake at least as good as the original
A price-conscious choice!

A transparent truth

R-PET is recycled PET material, for example, derived from (soft) drink bottles used and collected by consumers. It retains the same characteristics as PET.

  • clear and sturdy
  • suitable for freezer use
  • only for cold preparations
  • water-resistant and resistant to oils, fats, and alcohols

And last, but not least, 100% recyclable!

Made to be remade

R-PET packaging can be placed in the PMD (Plastic, Metal, and Drink Cartons) collection bag after use and then recycled into high-quality, sturdy packaging material.

Instead of completely eliminating plastic, R-PET offers the opportunity to reuse an existing material (multiple times). The use of R-PET significantly reduces the CO2 footprint and the amount of plastic ending up in landfills, polluting our oceans and environment.

Dessert pots in R-PET 

Present the most delicious and colorful desserts or fruit salads in our refined transparent dessert pots. These dessert cups have a beautiful rounded shape. Additional advantage: there is one lid that fits all three dessert cups. They are stackable, optimizing the space in your refrigerator. Ideal for all cold preparations.

Olipack bowls

These round containers with hinged lids are very convenient to use. They are not only easy to fill and close, but also stackable, saving space.

The clarity of R-PET, combined with the user-friendly leak-proof and tear-off lid, ensures a sublime product presentation.

Available in 3 sizes: from sauce containers to beautiful salad cups.

BERPE - High shakers

A healthy snack or a sweet indulgence have one thing in common: they are best enjoyed in our transparent shakers. These transparent cups also provide a tasty presentation for your fruit salads, desserts, yogurt with muesli.

These cups can be customized with your logo starting from 5000 pieces.

All time favourite - RPETD

This best-selling range is the all-time favorite of our customers. They stack beautifully, and there is one lid that fits all cups. Available in 5 convenient sizes, from dessert cups to tall salad bowls.

These containers made from rPET are suitable for packaging a variety of cold dishes such as salads, yogurt, fruits, etc. These deli containers are completely transparent, allowing your fresh products to shine through. These cups can be customized with your logo starting from a minimum order of 5000 units.

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Frequently Asked Questions about R-PET.
Question & Answer

rPET, also known as recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), is a material that is manufactured from recycled PET plastic. By utilizing previously used PET plastic, rPET contributes to sustainability and environmental consciousness. The use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) instead of new plastic reduces the environmental burden and helps in reducing waste. Choose rPET and make a positive impact on the environment.

What is rPET? rPET stands for recycled PET plastic, also known as polyethylene terephthalate. It is a popular alternative to new PET, sometimes referred to as virgin PET. PET is one of the most commonly used plastics in packaging materials. For example, many water bottles are made from PET. By choosing rPET, you contribute to sustainability and waste reduction. Discover the benefits of recycled PET plastic and make a positive impact on the environment.

You see it everywhere: the rise of rPET products. Perhaps you're wondering: rPET, isn't that a form of plastic? Indeed! But surprisingly, this material falls under the category of sustainable elements. rPET is made from recycled plastic, contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. Discover the popularity of rPET products and make a conscious choice for sustainable takeaway packaging.

RPET is obtained by melting existing plastics and re-spinning them into new polyester fibres. This sustainable process helps reduce waste and promote a circular economy. Discover the many benefits of rPET as an eco-friendly alternative.

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Some theory on rpet ...

In R-PET production, a distinction is made between two different types of basic products: post-industrial PET and post-consumer PET. 
Post-industrial PET is PET left over after the production of PET products, i.e. residual material from stamped-out form. Post-consumer PET comes from consumer (end-user) used and collected plastic. This includes, for example, (soft) drink bottles and packaging.

Due to the various types of contamination, such as printing ink, banding and other residues associated with it, postconsumer PET can usually only be used for the layer of a packaging or bottle that is not in direct contact with food. This is therefore the reason why food packaging is usually only partially made of postconsumer PET.

R-PET thus consists of several layers, A-B-A, in which A consists of virgin (7.5%) PET material, B of production waste (35%) and A of recycled - post-consumer - PET material (50%). By using certified R-PET in the middle layer, food-safe packaging can be guaranteed while also using up to 85% recycled material.

Because PET is so highly recyclable, R-PET retains the same properties. R-PET does not undercut the brightness of new PET material, and can simply be recycled again.