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In 3 steps to a cool shipping!

The warm spring and hot summer days are approaching, and we are not taking them lightly! Heatwaves are becoming more frequent, and temperatures can quickly rise during transportation. So, prepare yourself adequately because your meat shouldn't be cooked before it reaches the barbecue.

Don't be left in a difficult situation and ensure a cool shipment instead of a charred one.


Step 1 - The right packaging

EPS crates

Every shipment starts with the packaging of your product. Our EPS crates or isomode boxes are ideal for shipping products while keeping them cool. They are made of expanded polystyrene and provide excellent insulation. They are lightweight yet strong and sturdy! Your product is protected not only against significant temperature differences but also against shocks. Additionally, they offer protection against moisture and UV radiation, and they are reusable.

The EPS crates can be securely sealed with a suitable EPS lid. With both the internal and external dimensions of the crates provided, it is easy to select a suitable cardboard box for shipping.

Did you know that we have custom-made boxes that perfectly fit the EPS crates?

Metallized bubble wrap

This isothermal bubble wrap is a versatile product. You can use it to line the inside of a box or simply wrap your product with it. The plastic bubble wrap is laminated with an aluminum layer, making the film reflective and providing good thermal insulation. The numerous air bubbles absorb shocks and vibrations. The film is also waterproof and protects your products from moisture.

Let those bubbles pop!

Step 2 - Ice Packs: Which ones to choose?

Gel pack

Gel packs are a popular choice for chilled shipments. They consist of a gel substance enclosed in a leak-proof LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) film. In their unfrozen state, the gel packs are flexible, but they become hard and rigid when frozen. It is important to place the gel packs neatly in the freezer to ensure they freeze in a convenient shape that fits well within the shipping package. This will help maintain the desired temperature during transit and ensure effective cooling of your products.

Hard cool packs

When you think of a cool pack, you probably immediately picture the blue block that you keep in your freezer and take along in your cooler to the beach or camping. It's an essential item for keeping things cool. The casing of the cool pack is made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which is a strong and sturdy plastic that is 100% recyclable. The cool packs always remain hard and maintain their shape.

The number of cool packs or gel packs needed depends on the duration for which the products need to be kept cool.

It may also be advisable to place a sheet of bubble wrap between the products to prevent them from freezing together.

Step 3 - A Cool Reception

Shipping labels

Inform your customers in a simple yet effective way. Shipping labels immediately grab attention and encourage careful handling of the products or provide necessary instructions for post-delivery actions. A label stating "keep away from heat," for example, clearly indicates that the product should be stored in a cool environment.

Custom printed tape

Or, take a different approach and customize our tape with your logo and/or suitable message. This way, your customers will not only know who the shipment is from but also what needs to be done with it. A message that sticks! The tape also ensures a secure seal for your package.


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The colder, the better? A heated discussion!

It may seem somewhat logical that the colder the cooling element, the better it is for chilled shipping. However, this is not entirely true!

The temperature storage of a cooling element is actually highest around its melting and freezing point. This is the temperature at which the cooling gel undergoes a phase change and becomes liquid. During this entire phase change, the temperature remains constant. Only after that, the temperature will start to rise. Think of an ice cube, which remains at 0 degrees Celsius even at a higher ambient temperature until it is completely melted. If you want your product to stay around 0°C during transportation, it is advisable to choose a temperature element with a melting and freezing point around this temperature.

A suitable box

Did you know that we also have custom cardboard boxes that perfectly fit the EPS crates? This way, you can optimize the shipment of your cooled products, as the box provides an additional layer of protection.

You don't have to search for the right box for long. On our webshop, each EPS crate is linked to the appropriate box. Select the right isomodo box and look under 'Order these products in combination with...' and order your ideal packaging in just a few mouse clicks!


Frequently Asked Questions about chilled shipping
Question & answer

To maintain the quality of chilled meat during shipping, it is recommended to maintain a temperature between 3 and 5 °C. Within this temperature range, the meat retains its quality best. By preserving the quality of the meat, consumers can be protected from potential health risks.

We recommend shipping chocolate in a chilled condition as it is the best way to keep the chocolate in optimal condition. Chocolate thrives at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. If the ambient temperature is higher, the chocolate may melt slightly and lose its shape.

Some products can be perfectly shipped using regular courier services. Packaging for cooled products is made of materials with insulating properties, allowing them to maintain a constant temperature. By adding coolants to the packaging, products can remain at the desired temperature during transport without requiring a full refrigerated truck. Additionally, using cooled packaging allows for the joint delivery of different products without compromising their quality.

When it comes to shipping perishable goods in a refrigerated manner, EPS (expanded polystyrene) boxes, also known as foam insulation boxes, are commonly used. These boxes are known for their ability to maintain the desired temperature effectively.

Not sure about the quality? Play it safe and request a sample package.

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