The naturesse® brand

naturesse® is the brand of sustainable disposables and packaging that was developed by the Swiss company Pacovis AG. This company is one of the largest importers of biobased and compostable disposables and packaging in Europe.

Since 2003, naturesse® has been synonymous with expertise in naturally produced packaging materials. With a wide product range of over 500 products in stock made from renewable raw materials, naturesse® is ready for the future. A world in which alternatives to petroleum and to conventional plastics, as well as the concepts that nature provides, become ever more important.

Besides being 100% natural, 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, the naturesse products are now also 100% climate neutral. Find out more here.

naturesse®: nature in its finest form

The baseline of the naturesse® brand is ‘nature in its finest form’, a promise that could not be more clear-cut. It emphasises aesthetics just as much as respect for nature, and it makes it clear that nature provides us with the perfect solutions for our every need.


We present nature in its finest form: disposables and food packaging that is sustainable, beautiful and produced in an honest way, and that meets all safety regulations. The quality certificates and labels of our naturesse® products confirm your choice for naturesse® as the right one in terms of social, economical and food safety.


All materials used for the production of naturesse® packaging are based on agricultural waste or fast-growing renewable raw materials derived from plants. naturesse® products are biobased and compostable. Valuable waste materials that would normally be thrown away now get new life in the form of bio disposables and take away packaging. In this way, we reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, reduce harmful CO2 emissions and contribute to reducing the problem of plastic waste.

Used materials

Below you can find an overview of the materials of naturesse®. You can click on each material to find out more about it. Still doubting which material to choose for your application? Make your choice from our materials guide where you can quickly find all useful information and the right material and product for your needs!



➡️ Materials guide including info of all materials

Biopack: official naturesse® distributor in Belgium

For more than 15 years, Biopack is the proud and exclusive distributor of naturesse® products on the Belgian market. Biopack is the packaging specialist with a strong focus on biobased packaging. And as naturesse Belgium, we know best the wishes and needs of the Belgian market. This way we can advise you optimally. Our own large stock also guarantees the shortest possible delivery times.

naturesse® catalogue

Discover the high quality naturesse® products in our naturesse catalogue or on our biopack webshop.

Naturesse catalogueNaturesse catalogue