What is eco-friendly packaging?
They are marked with the green acorn

Biopack is committed to making the packaging world even more sustainable and environmentally aware. We have full confidence in our own knowledge and qualities and those of our partners to keep innovating with products that are eco-friendly and affordable.
Our focus is on eco-friendly, ecological packaging. You will recognise our eco-friendly articles by the green acorn on our webshop. We thus offer responsible, sustainable alternatives to environmentally unfriendly packaging and disposables.

For us, when is a packaging green and thus the product is considered an eco-friendly Biopack product? If they meet several of the following criteria:

We would like to give you an explanation in a nutshell:


This item is recyclable, please sort the item in the appropriate bin so that I get a second life.

Sorting doubts about a packaging?
Go to the website bettersorting.be, and initiative of Fost Plus.
There you can see how to sort a packaging correctly.


Very briefly, compostable means that the material can be broken down into good compost in less than 12 weeks in an industrial composting plant. A packaging is compostable if it meets the European composting standard EN-13432.

Made in Europe

This product was made in Europe. Biopack is committed to working with European partners wherever possible, this way we can minimise the distance for transport.


Much of our cardboard, paper & pulp comes from FSC® forests. This certificate therefore guarantees that the forests are sustainably managed.  FSC® ensures that products come from a well-managed forest that provides ecological, social and economic benefits.


The label guarantees that the paper comes from a sustainably managed forest. The fibres used to produce the paper come from sustainably managed forests or recycled fibres.

Made from recycled material

This article is (partly) made of recycled material. rPET is recycled PET material, e.g. from consumer used and collected (soft drink) bottles. The use of rPET significantly reduces both the carbon footprint and the amount of waste going to landfills.


Biopack also offers reusable packaging and products, such as cups and carrier bags. With our reusables, we aim to reduce the unnecessary consumption of disposable packaging. A sustainable option where you choose zero waste!

Made from renewable materials

Our compostable packaging  are made from renewable plant-based raw materials. Think fast-growing plants such as maize, sugar cane, bamboo and palm leaves. More info on all materials can be found in the materials guide.

Climate neutral

The products of the brand Naturesse are besides besides being 100% natural, 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, now also 100% climate neutral. This is achieved by using only natural and rapidly renewable raw materials and compensating all relevant greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2.

An eco-friendly product ... 

is recognized by the green icons or the green acorn!


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Biopack is a 100% Belgian company that started in the 1980s as the family business Hoornaert Agricultural Products. Because of one product, we stepped into the world of organic packaging in 1993. Our first packaging material was a paper bag filled with straw. This was used as a buffer material in sectors such as electronics and pharmaceuticals. Even then (around 1993), Biopack profiled itself as the pioneer in ecological, green packaging and as the supplier of 100% natural materials.

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