What can you do to boost your green image?
Not words, but deeds

In recent years, more and more companies have been working on their green image. There are more and more environmentally conscious consumers who feel good by acting environmentally conscious. Good sustainable branding benefits them and thus creates a positive brand experience.

To boost your green image, you must not only say it but also do it! It is important that your brand is consistent and that you do not pretend to be greener than you are. Acting environmentally conscious has many benefits. For instance, an environmentally conscious choice can create a positive brand association and also be good for your wallet!

Power consumption

By reducing your company's energy consumption, you save costs on your energy bill and reduce indirect CO2 production. Sustainable investments are often tax deductible and usually pay for themselves over time.
What can you do to reduce power consumption?

  • Do not leave lights on
  • Do not leave appliances running that do not need to be running
  • Adjust air conditioning properly
  • Switch to green energy or generate green energy yourself

Choose recyclable packaging. Did you know you can recycle your empty coffee cup at paper and cardboard?

Herman, expert in ecology, law and cups.

Climate offset

First, you try to suppress CO2 emissions. But it is almost impossible to have no (indirect) CO2 emissions. To offset the CO2 your business emits, you can invest in planting trees. Trees can take that CO2 out of the air again. If you offset all CO2 emissions, you can even call yourself CO2 neutral!

Make use of sustainable materials

Everything your business purchases has an impact on the environment. Take a moment to think about what materials/ingredients your business needs. From the paper in the printer to the products you sell. What could be greener? Look at companies with green labels and learn about the different types of materials. Want to replace your packaging materials with ecological alternatives? Then Biopack is the place to be!

Show it!

A green company deserves a green image! Show the customer what you are doing. Are you making a green investment? Then share this briefly on social media. Make the use of your ecological choices, like green materials, clear to the customer. This way, environmentally conscious consumers can identify with your brand!

Environmentally conscious customers also like to share their environmentally conscious choices, so it is to your advantage to really come forward as a green company!

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What does Biopack do?
Better for the environment

Company bicycles

Biopack invested in electric company bicycles. These bikes enable more colleagues to leave the car at home and come to work in a more sustainable way, without having to buy an e-bike themselves. In this way, Biopack contributes to a greener future and reduces its carbon footprint.

Heating one degree lower

We all have a lovely thick fleece jumper so the heating at our desks can be a degree lower.

Filtered drinking water

We have filtered water throughout the building, so we don't have to transport bottled water.

Solar panels

Biopack has also invested in sustainability in other ways. For example, there are solar panels on the building, allowing it to use green energy. 

Through these investments in sustainability, Biopack shows that the company is aware of the impact it has on the environment and is doing everything it can to reduce this impact. Biopack is thus not only betting on a greener future, but also contributing to a healthier living environment for everyone.

Exclusive distributor on the Belgian market

Naturesse® is the brand for sustainable disposables and packaging developed by the Swiss company Pacovis AG. Besides being 100% natural, 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, naturesse products are now also 100% climate-neutral. 

This is achieved by using only natural and rapidly renewable raw materials and by offsetting all relevant greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2. Naturesse does this by first mapping CO2 emissions, then reducing and finally compensating. To do this, they support climate protection projects.


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