Blue-green packaging

With Biopack we make the difference by our blue-green approach: we strive for 100% green packaging.

We want to replace conventional packaging, which is blue packaging, as much as possible by green packaging in an economically responsible manner.

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ePacking is your reliable partner in packaging and guarantees a total solution: from cardboard boxes, loose fill chips and adhesive tape to cups, plates, bags... Every company is welcome. Together with you we look for the best packaging for your product! Did you know that we have already been working on biological packaging since 1992?

Bio Pack includes our fast growing and extensive range of environmentally friendly packaging. We specialize in packaging 100% made from vegetable raw materials and, moreover, fully compostable!

Both our web shops are the beating heart of our communication. Bio Pack guarantees a clear, honest and realistic communication. We realize that the exclusive use of "green" packaging is often not yet possible, sometimes for technical reasons, but often it is just not (yet) economically feasible.

Go green, but no green washing!


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