Blue-green packaging

Biopack is the most innovative packaging provider. We are specialists in blue-green packaging. A term that best describes what makes us so unique: economically responsible, ecological packaging. We believe that, as a supplier of packaging materials, we have a major social responsibility. And we don't shy away from it.

Biopack dreams aloud of a packaging range that is completely eco-friendly. In recent years, we have clearly distinguished ourselves in this respect. More and more products in our range can be called sustainable. We are committed to systematically 'greening' our range whenever this is economically and qualitatively feasible.

What is eco-friendly packaging for us?

To us, 100% eco-friendly packaging is either compostable, recycled or reusable. Click here for more information on what we consider to be green, eco-friendly packaging. Did you know that three quarters of our turnover already consists of ecological packaging? 

You can recognise ecological packaging by the acorn

In our logo you see a squirrel holding an acorn. The acorn symbolises nature and ecology. On the webshop we mark our ecological packaging with a green acorn. That way you immediately know that the item is eco-friendly. And you can see why for each item on the product detail page.

You will also find information about green packaging and the materials used .

Our webshop translates our vision of blue-green packaging: we guarantee clear and honest communication. We realise that in some cases the use of exclusively "green" packaging is not yet possible. Because there is no technically equivalent green alternative. Or because it is not (yet) economically feasible. That is why we also offer conventional packaging. But if there is a feasible and affordable alternative, you can find it with Biopack. This is how we strive for ecological packaging in a blue-green way!



Smart in packaging

Our baseline is "smart in packaging". Because at Biopack we are up to date with the changing legislation. We know which materials are suitable and how they are best processed afterwards. We want to be more than just your packaging supplier. Together with you, we will look for the best blue-green packaging for your products.

Our packaging coaches optimise and make our customers' packaging range greener. They are happy to help you in our inspiration center in Gistel. Or they come to your company on site.

Biopack is aimed at every entrepreneur who wants to contribute to a sustainable economy in an economically responsible way.


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