About Biopack


Our company was founded in the eighties as the family business ‘Hoornaert Landbouwproducten’ (agricultural products), specialized in hay and straw. In 1992, a well-considered switch was made to the packaging sector.

Biopack started as a pioneer in eco-friendly packaging! The first product was a paper bag filled with straw. This was used as buffer material in sectors such as the electronics and pharmaceuticals sectors. At that time (in 1992!), Biopack already profiled itself as the pioneer in green packaging and as the company offering 100% natural materials.

The sales volumes were still limited & the functionality of the biological packaging at that time could not be compared with the products of today. Therefore, the range was expanded with both green and conventional packaging. When we launched our webshop in 2002, we chose the name ePacking, which includes the broad biological as well as the conventional range.



And today?

We have 2 brands and webshops:

ePacking includes the full range! In the ePacking webshop you will find our total range: both conventional and green packaging. Moreover, you can recognize the latter by the green nut.

Bio Pack is our specialization and includes green packaging: 100% made from vegetable raw materials and, moreover, compostable. The Bio Pack webshop offers a nice overview of our green packaging. Knowing more? Click here.


Our vision

With Biopack we make the difference by our blue-green approach: we strive for 100% green packaging. We want to replace conventional packaging as much as possible by green packaging in an economically responsible manner.

We guarantee a qualitative and cost-conscious offer, always with a focus on the needs of the customer.

We keep a close eye on the market and consciously opt for innovation, creativity and continuous expansion of our range, with a strong focus on ecology.

Your one-stop-shop with an extensive range and a solution for every question.