About Biopack

Pioneer in sustainable packaging

Biopack is a 100% Belgian company that started in the eighties as the family business Hoornaert Landbouwproducten. "Agricultural products...?!?" I hear you think. Yes, then we sold nice bales of hay and straw. Very natural products, but what was the link with packaging?

One product led us into the world of organic packaging in 1992. Our first packaging material was a paper bag filled with straw. This was used as a buffer material in sectors such as the electronics and pharmaceuticals. Biopack already profiled itself (in 1992!) as the pioneer in ecological, green packaging and as the supplier of 100% natural materials.

Sales volumes were still limited and the functionality of the bio packaging then was not comparable to the products of today. The range therefore grew organically with both green and conventional packaging.

When we launched a web shop in 2002, we opted for the more neutral name ePacking, which encompassed the wide range of both organic and conventional packaging. But environmentally friendly packaging has always been our hobbyhorse.


Today: progressive supplier of sustainable packaging

Today, we continue to operate only under the name Biopack, as a progressive packaging provider. More than three quarters of our turnover now comes from sustainable packaging. Our baseline is smart in packaging. We guarantee clear, honest and realistic communication. 

We remain a 100% West-Flemish family business, where in the meantime the second generation is further developing the company with great passion. Gwendoline and her husband, Stijn, are very proud of our enthusiastic and customer-friendly Biopack team.

Our vision: blue-green packaging

We distinguish ourselves through our blue-green vision: economically responsible pursuit of ecological packaging. We realize that the use of only ecological packaging is often not yet possible. After all, there is not yet a feasible and affordable green alternative for all packaging.

A 100% ecological packaging is compostable, recycled or reusable. Click here for more information on what we consider to be green, eco-friendly packaging. 

Biopack offers a total solution. Our webshop translates our vision of blue-green packaging and you can recognize our green eco-friendly packaging by the green acorn.

Nuts about nature

In this video, Gwendoline, one of the two directors, introduces the company Biopack .


Biopack in a nutshell:

✔️ Wide range

✔️ Large stock

✔️ Fast delivery

✔️ Strengthens your green and sustainable image


"In terms of sustainable packaging, we have a lot of things to say."

Our values

We are a Belgian family business and we like personal contact. We like to welcome our customers in our inspiration center. We stand for open and honest communication, no green-washing. We are progressive in our constant search for innovations to enrich our range. Green: environmentally friendly packaging materials have been our hobbyhorse since the foundation of our company. Realistic: we realize that only eco-friendly packaging is often not yet possible, sometimes due to technical reasons or because it is not yet economically feasible, and we are happy to help in the choice. We are a partner to our customer and want to build a long-term partnership together.

We stand for a quality and cost-conscious offer, always with a focus on your needs as a customer.

We keep a close eye on the market and consciously opt for innovation, creativity and continuous expansion of our range. With a strong focus on ecology, of course.

Your one-stop shop with an extensive range and a solution for every question.

Why is Biopack's mascot, Benny, a squirrel?

The characteristics of a squirrel are a perfect match for who we are:

  • Squirrels have a high cuddly factor: we are a sympathetic family business, not a mastodon where you as a customer are a number
  • A squirrel may be small but it can jump up to 3m high, we too move mountains for our customer
  • The squirrel is lightning fast (running, climbing, clambering), we ensure a quick response and delivery
  • A squirrel loves nature, lives in the forest & looks for nuts. This refers to our environmentally friendly packaging, which is marked with the nut on our webshop
  • This animal builds up a winter stock, we have a large stock of standard products so you as a customer will never be without them
  • Squirrels make a solid winter nest > we provide solid packaging that ensures that your product is well preserved, stays warm and is not damaged
  • And last but not least, two squirrels live in our company garden!