About Biopack

We are a 100% West Flemish family business

Meanwhile, we are the second generation to further expand the company with a lot of passion.
Gwendoline and her husband, Stijn, are very proud of the enthusiastic and customer-friendly Biopack team.

We are a progressive provider of sustainable packaging

Our baseline is “smart in packaging”. We guarantee a clear, honest and realistic communication.

We are committed to making the world of packaging even more sustainable and environmentally conscious  

We have full confidence in our own knowledge and qualities and those of our partners to keep innovating with products that are eco-friendly and affordable. Our enthusiastic team makes every effort to provide our customers with the very best service and to be a real game changer in the packaging world.  

Pioneer in bio packaging 

In short, we package your story!

From your first idea to a interesting visit to our inspiration centre.
From a click in the shopping cart to the smile of the parcel delivery guy.
From a design on paper to your unique packaging in your customer's hands!

Looking for something specific?
We package your story

Let us bring your brand to life with customised packaging