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Blue-green packaging

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Bio Pack: green packaging, naturally!

Bio Pack offers sustainable & environmentally friendly packaging and disposables. In our Bio Pack range you will find both 100% compostable disposables (made from vegetable raw materials), recyclable and reusable products.

Did you know that we have been the market leader in organic packaging since 1992? With our nearly 30 years of experience and thorough knowledge of the different bio-materials, we help companies switch to green packaging. Consumers are becoming increasingly critical when it comes to (plastic) packaging. Our organic packaging is the perfect solution for this and we are happy to guide you through the many different options.

We select our environmentally friendly packaging or we design it ourselves with an eye for people and the environment. We are working on a future without plastic by creating sustainable experiences together and helping you to find the best solutions for your occasion, event or concept in the field of sustainable packaging and disposables.

Which packaging?

In our standard packaging section you will find everything you need to deliver your product safely and properly to the customer, except for the truck and driver!

Our beverage & food packaging allows you to serve dishes and drinks in a stylish and tasteful way. Ideal for events and take-away meals.

Make an impression with our sturdy & elegant bags and carrier bags. The right bag for every product or every use!

For whom?

Companies from all sectors need specific sector packaging. Whether you are a webshop, a butcher, a chocolatier, a boutique, a food truck or, for example, a pharmacist. We offer a total solution with organic packaging for every sector.

Customization & printed packaging

Packaging is a wonderful marketing tool for your company. We are particularly strong in  personalized packaging! Your own logo or print on a carrier bag, drinking cup, cardboard box, adhesive tape, ...? We take care of it.

We can provide most of our packaging with your print. Take a look at our range for personalization or contact our team if you are looking for a different type of packaging.


Were you unable to find a certain packaging type? Possibly it does not yet exist in an ecological version. Take a look at the ePacking webshop where you can find both organic and conventional packaging. On the ePacking website you will recognize our green Bio Pack packaging by the little green acorn.

Curious for more?

Plan your visit to our inspiration center in Gistel and receive personal advice. One of our packaging coaches will happily to guide you through our extensive range.