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Boxes with a length from 400 to 600mm

Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in 3 strenghts so you can find the right box to pack, ship and storage each product according to its weight and sensitivity...
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Boxes with a length as of 600mm

Boxes with a length as of 600mm Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in 3 strenghts so you can find the right box to pack, ship and storage each product accordi...
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Rectangular aluminium trays with vertical edge

Rectangular aluminium trays with vertical edge Aluminium rectangular containers with vertical edge Many different sizes Lids also available: - Carton lids (alu-cart...
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A-PET plates

We offer a wide range of presentation plates and trays: Black collection Silver and gold collection Marble collection For a tasteful presentation of for instance sa...
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Foam wrap rolls - thickness: 2mm

Scratch protection Foam packaging is one of the most versatile protective packaging materials available that conforms to any product shape. Ensure your products are...
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Stretch film dispensers

Prevent cuts and blisters by using our ergonomic hand held stretch film dispensers. Solid and reliable ergonomic dispenser for all types of stretch film: ministretc...
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Electric pallet truck

Compact, simple and easy to handle electric pallet truck type PE14. One of the most manoeuvrable pedestrian pallet truck series on the market, designed to increase ...
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Sugarcane fruit and vegetable trays

Sugar cane: as durable and natural as it gets! We offer an extensive range of attractive 100% biodegradable sugar cane disposables . By being both fully compostable...
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Boxes with a length from 400 to 600mm

Boxes with a length as of 600mm

Rectangular aluminium trays with vertical edge

A-PET plates

Foam wrap rolls - thickness: 2mm

Stretch film dispensers

Electric pallet truck

Sugarcane fruit and vegetable trays

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1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the legal relationship between the parties is governed by the terms and conditions that the customer declares to have acknowledged and which take precedence over the general conditions of the customer. 

2. The price quotations and offers of Biopack & Logistics are based on the current values of wages and materials. If these undergo changes, we reserve the right to change these prices accordingly. Biopack & Logistics can not be held responsible if an offer or quotation contains a mistake or error.

3. Orders and price quotations accepted by the representatives of Biopack & Logistics are only binding after our written confirmation.

4. In the case of the cancellation of the order, the buyer is indebted a flat-rate compensation amounting to 15 % of the value of the order with a minimum of 100€ if the order would be less than 500 €.

5. The delivery times are provided only as information, but they do not bind Biopack & Logistic. In case of delay of the deliveries neither the buyer has right to compensation and nor can the agreement unilateral been terminated unless there are written agreements between both parties.

6. Our indemnification obligation with regard to defects in the delivered goods does not extend any further than those of our suppliers to ourselves.

7. The goods are being sent and delivered  at the risk of the buyer. The transport costs are, unless otherwise determined, at the expense of the buyer.

8. If the buyer refuses the goods by delivery or does not collect it on the date communicated to him, we remain the right to, after a term of 15 days from this date,  view this agreement as dissolved and this without prior notice. The predetermined compensation foreseen in article 4 of the current agreement remains applicable.

9. The storage of the goods pending the delivery or collection, happens at the risk of the buyer.

10. When Biopack & Logistics because of force majeure, a strike, weather conditions, etc. is not in the possibility to carry out the agreement, we remain the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally without any compensation that may be claimed of us.

11. Biopack & Logistics reserves the right to view the agreement legally and without prior notice as dissolved in case of  bankruptcy, obvious insolvency of the buyer as well as any change in the legal status of the buyer.

12. Complaints regarding deliveries or collections must reach us within 8 days after the delivery of the goods en certainly before the use or the commissioning of the goods

13. Any dispute concerning the invoice, the deliveries or the collections must be done by a registered letter to Biopack & Logistics within 8 days after invoice date, shipping date of the goods or the execution of the work.

14. All invoices are payable in cash after invoice date unless a written agreement between parties. WIth cash payments are understood 8 days after receiving the invoice.

15. With non-payment of the invoives within the established terms are from the due date van rechtswege and without prior notice delay interests due amounting 12% on yearly basis of the invoice  amount as well as a flat-rate compensation 10%  of the invoice amount with a minimum of €100. All collection costs by third parties are fully borne by the buyer.

16. In case of non-payment we reserve the right to stop further deliveries or collections. We reserve also the right to view the agreement without prior notice as dissolved for the whole or the not yet executed part.

17. According the legislation of the reservation of ownership all goods stay property of Biopack & Logistics until after the full payment of the invoice. The risk concerning the goods are however borne by the buyer from the moment of reception.

18. All disputes concerning the current agreement shall finally be settled through arbitration according the regulation of operation of the v.z.w Europees Instituut voor Arbitrage en Mediatie with registered office in 8200 BRUGGE, Koningin Astridlaan 97/25. This clause replaces all conflicting clauses.

19. As consumer, you have the right to return the goods within 8 days. This period begins on the day following the date of reception. The return shall be made by a written request of return or to by the return of the goods. 

 Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1) Guarantee Privacy

Ensuring the privacy of visitors to http://www.biopack.be is an important task for us.

That is why we describe in our privacy policy what information we collect and how we use this information.

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